How to Avoid Sanding When Calacatta Quartz Stone is Spliced?

Sep. 17, 2019

Calacatta Quartz Stone is made of quartz sand (glass granules) and resin pressed by the equipment. It is also an artificial stone product called synthetic stone. The advantages of quartz stone plate are wear resistance, no fear of scratching, high-temperature resistance, flame retardancy, penetration resistance, easy cleaning, safety, non-toxic and no radiation. The disadvantage is that the hardness of the board is too strong, it is difficult to process, the color is lost, and the price of quartz stone is higher.

Calacatta Quartz Stone is similar to natural marble and granite because quartz stone has a maximum hardness of 7 grades. However, this also brings certain troubles to the processing. The surface of the quartz stone is polished by more than 30 high-pressure high-speed water mills, and the surface crystal brightness can reach 80 or more. Therefore, it is inevitable to polish in processing. After the quartz stone is polished by the hand-held grinding machine, the original gloss will be lost, and the deeper the color, the more obvious. Avoid grinding in processing! Next, Quartz Stone Crystal Beige Color Factory will give you a brief explanation.

Calacatta Quartz Stone

Calacatta Quartz Stone

Quartz stone products can also be polished with a large water mill after splicing in the processing field, but only rely on hand tools during construction and installation, then we should avoid grinding. I will look at how to reduce the sanding rate in the common Calacatta Quartz Stone countertop mounting. First of all, we have to say that the quartz stone countertops are flattened everywhere so that the gap between the two sheets at the seam is as small as possible, and the height difference of the panel surface is also small. The control of the gap can be adjusted by cutting or grinding; the control of the height difference of the board surface is adjusted by means of the bottom pad; the smaller the better, the better. Then modulate the glue. Quartz Solid Surface Factory original resin glue should be used. Add curing agent and quartz powder according to the on-site temperature and humidity. After the preparation, the color should be applied to the board. Finally, the splicing is carried out. The two sides of the splicing seam should be pasted with paper tape, and the glue is evenly applied to the gap for extrusion. After the glue is completely dry, use a polishing piece of 3000 or more to add water and lightly throw it once. The seam glue marks are not obvious and this step can be omitted.