How to deal with the Carrara Quartz Surfaces discoloration of the splicing seam after grinding?

Dec. 27, 2019

Carrara Quartz Surfaces, as a new type of architectural decorative stone, has many advantages such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high-temperature resistance, penetration resistance, non-toxic and non-radiation, etc., making it the first choice stone for high-end decoration. With the continuous increase of China's quartz stone manufacturers and the continuous improvement of production technology, quartz stone plates have entered the mass consumption. At present, the most used areas are cabinet countertops, which are called quartz stone countertops. Due to the high hardness of quartz stone, it brings some trouble to processing, because quartz stone is different from ordinary artificial stone processing, especially splicing.

A common problem in Carrara White Quartz Countertops splicing is that the two boards appear high or low, and the treatment method is often chosen to be polished. This will cause the surface of the board to lose its luster. How should the tarnish be repaired?

Carrara White Quartz Countertops

Carrara White Quartz Countertops

Common repair methods after discoloration due to grinding are 1. You can use waxing or varnish, but these two methods cannot be resolved for a long time and can only be temporarily relieved. 2. Use brightener or resin to repair. After repairing this method, it can be maintained for a long time but cannot be eradicated. In order to fundamentally solve the phenomenon of whitening at the junction, a professional person should be sought, and secondary grinding and polishing should be avoided as much as possible during the installation of the board. The joints of the butt board should be carefully treated during installation to achieve seamless butt joints. Another thing is to do a good job of prevention, to avoid unnecessary secondary sanding caused by the exposed protrusions of the glue during the docking.

The surface of the quartz stone plate is not treated in a special way but is made by more than 30 high-pressure rapid water mills. Once it is polished with low speed, it will cause whitening and discoloration. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the two plates at the horizontal line during processing and installation.

It is very beautiful to use quartz stone to decorate the home countertop, and as a green environmental protection stone, the quartz countertop is also recognized by everyone. However, for ordinary families, the price of quartz stone is relatively high, and quartz stone may only be selected for some decoration, such as common countertops. Quartz is the hardest of decorative plates, but there are still some problems, such as deformation or warpage.

Quartz stone board production raw materials are more than 90% of quartz sand and 7% of resin and other binders are made by vacuum, high pressure, and kiln curing. Therefore, the higher the amount of resin, the worse the hardness of the quartz stone, the more easily the quartz stone deforms, and the less resistant it is to scratching. To reduce the possibility of deformation, you should choose machinery and equipment with high pressure, choose high-quality quartz sand, and appropriately increase the pressure during molding to improve the tightness. This is related to the production of quartz stone manufacturers. Furthermore, there are loopholes left in the processing and installation. When connected to the cabinet without pads or pads, deformation and warping may occur.

In summary, there are various reasons for the deformation of the quartz stone plate. To prevent the deformation of the quartz stone plate, the first thing is to strictly manage the proportion of the production of raw materials and control the production. Secondly, pay attention to the symmetrical structure during processing, and pay attention to the conditions of storage.

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