Do you know the Precautions for Quartz Stone Splicing?

Mar. 13, 2020

For quartz stone processing, splicing is the most difficult and important. What kind of splicing method may not affect the overall aesthetics, which brings certain difficulties to China Quartz Surfaces Wholesaler and processors. Let' s take a look at the quartz stone stitching together with us!

Gold Calacatta Quartz Countertops

Gold Calacatta Quartz Countertops

1. Before splicing, check whether the splicing surface of Custom Quartz Stone Slabs are straight and consistent. If the splicing interface is not straight, the glue marks will appear on the splicing, which will affect the quality of splicing and seamless perfection. The simple way to ensure that the interface is consistent is to first place the two plates to be spliced on the same plane, so that the two sides to be spliced are as close as possible, fixed with F clips, and then fixed in place with the positioning guide, and simultaneously with the gong machine Cut the two sides to be spliced to get a flat and uniform splicing interface.

2. In order to make the upper and lower ends of the joint interface tight and seamless, wipe the joint interface with 120 # sandpaper below 2mm-3mm, then clean the splicing place with alcohol or Tianna water, and finally check whether the joint interface is flat and uniform.

3. At the front splicing edge of the two panels being spliced, use instant bonding to fix the splicing. Use a small piece to fix the number of small squares and the distance from the edge of the splicing.

4. Place the two prepared plates on the same plane, and then stick single-sided tape under the joint to prevent the glue from dripping during splicing. A 3mm gap is left between the two plates to ensure splicing. Effectively control the glue, so that the glue of the joint interface is fully contained.

5. Pour the prepared glue evenly on the joint. The glue amount accounts for more than 1/2 of the remaining clearance, and then fasten the spliced board surface with F clip or A clip as soon as possible, and check carefully when fastening Whether the spliced surface is flat. If it is not flat, use a rubber hammer to lightly lift it above the board surface until it is completely flat.

6. During the glue curing time, all fixtures must not loosen or move the spliced plate at will. Do not stand on the table or place other heavy objects, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of splicing.

7. After the glue is cured, remove the excess glue with a gong machine or angle grinder, and then smooth it with a sander. Do not use a chisel to shovel, otherwise it will affect the quality and appearance of the splicing surface, and even collapse. Missing, leaving hidden dangers.

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