Will Natural Stone be Suitable for you?

Apr. 29, 2020

Artificial stone and natural are the decoration stones that we often contact in our daily life, so the general customers are entangled in choosing which material is good. Today, the Artificial Quartz Stone Supplier will tell you a new type of artificial stone.

Artificial stone: It is a mineral-filled polymer composite material (referred to as solid surface material or solid plate, commonly known as artificial stone) made of natural ore powder, high-performance resin and natural pigment through vacuum casting or compression molding. It is a kind of non-radioactive Pollution, reusable environmental protection, green new building interior decoration materials. The advantages are food standards: can often make regular contact with food. Hygiene: On the surface with no pores at all, mold bacteria and other microorganisms cannot survive. Easy to clean: Dirt can be cleaned with soap or detergent. Impact resistance: Compared with general stone or polymer, the crack resistance is stronger, and small scratches and cuts can be removed with sandpaper. Anti-fouling: It is less likely to be penetrated by liquid, and stubborn stains can be removed, such as ink or soy sauce. Heat resistance: It is more heat resistant than general surface materials, but we recommend that you can't place heat-generating utensils directly on the surface, please use a heat insulation pad. Non-toxic: does not emit any gas at room temperature.

Quartz Stone Slab For Kitchen

Quartz Stone Slab For Kitchen

Are there any disadvantages of stone that sounds like many advantages? Of course, there are people who are not perfect. Quartz stone has the disadvantages of single color and lack of realism; artificial stone is relatively higher in price than natural stone, and the hardness is too high, which can easily lead to seamless stitching. After talking about quartz stone, let's talk about natural stone. The advantages of natural stone: the price is cheap, and natural stone is only used in places where the flow of outdoor people is relatively large and the service life is high. Disadvantages: natural stone is relatively heavy. When the two pieces are connected, the gap is large, the connection is difficult, and it is impossible to make seamless splicing; the penetration rate is also high, and the stain is difficult to clean. Insufficient elasticity, such as cracks in case of heavy hits. The disadvantage of choosing natural stone as the countertop is the requirement for the length. When it is too long, the splicing cannot be seamless as the artificial stone. In addition, because natural stone has pores, the above is the comparison between artificial stone bank stone and natural stone. Therefore, it is up to you to choose stone according to your own needs, because not all stones are suitable for you.

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