Classic Color Series ES-1200

Crystal Series Quartz is dynamic with random sparkles and highlights. This polished slab quartz is recommended for interior projects in both residential and commercial countertops and vanity top. Crystal Series Quartz | Find our Competitive Possible Price! JINZHAO is the leading China exporter and wholesale supplier of good quality Crystal Series Quartz. We offer the largest available inventory with a vast selection of Crystal Series Quartz to choose from our factory. Quote and Order Any Size,Pls feel free to contact us 



We select top-quality quartz sand from all over the world and adopts strict quality traceability system, which guarantees the reliable quality of quartz stone slabs. Our raw materials comply with the environmental protection criteria, and the produced slabs are approved by authoritative departments and thus the reliable quality of JINZHAO products is guaranteed.


Our quartz stone surface is non-porous ,its polished surfaces don’t need to be sealed,like granite or other natural stones,in order to keep them from staining. Quartz stone surface is practically indestructible and pretty much maintenance free. It resists stains that are caused by fruit juices, wine, food coloring, fingernail polish and remover, tea and markers. The non-porous and non absorbing nature of quartz stone surfaces is very hygienic, It does not harbor bacteria, which makes it a safe choice for food handling in the kitchen. Cleaning your quartz stone kitchen counter tops is quite easy. It involes using a little soapy water or a mild cleaner. 


Our quartz stone are used across a broad range of applications such as Kitchen Counter-top, Bathroom, Vanity, Backsplashes, Tub Surround, Shower Surround, Floors, Walls Window, Sills, Firplace and Furniture tops. Commercial complex includes Food Service Areas, Table tops, Interior Wall, Cladding, Flooring, Countertops, Stair Treats, Bar tops and etc.