What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Quartz Countertops compared to Stainless Steel Countertops?

Feb. 27, 2020

As an Artificial Quartz Stone Supplier, share with you.

As the pace of life continues to accelerate and the pressure on life increases, many people will choose a beautiful and concise choice of kitchen countertops, and more importantly, easy to take care of. At present, the common table materials on the market are mainly artificial stone, stainless steel, quartz stone and natural stone. Because quartz stone has the common advantages of artificial stone and natural stone, it is the top of the countertop. Today, we mainly understand the advantages and disadvantages of quartz stone countertops compared with stainless steel countertops.

Quartz Stone Slab For Kitchen

Quartz Stone Slab For Kitchen

Let' s look at Custom Calacatta Quartz Countertop first. The advantage is that it has a smooth surface without any pores and holes to make bacteria nowhere to hide. Production and use of vacuum high pressure molding makes it wear-resistant and scratch-resistant (generally no damage to the surface), high temperature ( 300 ° or less), anti-permeation (0.03% water absorption of the plate is almost zero), non-toxic, non-radiation. Belongs to one of the national building environmental protection materials. Due to the current market's fish and dragon mixed purchase should pay attention to product quality, inferior quartz stone has a short life and is easy to crack, there are very few cracks in real brand products, even if there is a problem, quartz stone manufacturers will replace it.

Looking at stainless steel again, stainless steel gives people a harder and colder visual impression. The corners and joints of the countertop also lack reasonable and effective treatment methods. They are not resistant to scratching, and a hard object can draw scratches. Once the table is scratched by a sharp weapon, it will leave irreparable marks. These tiny scratches can easily hide dirt and allow bacteria to breed. The kitchen is relatively humid and the underlaying plate under the stainless steel countertop is too easy to deform. Pay extra attention to its surface when you take care of it. And most of the domestic stainless steel countertops are prone to oxidation, which is far from the imported similar products. The price of imported products is higher.

The kitchen is the most frequently used in the home, and the most frequently used place in the kitchen is the quartz stone countertop. Long-term use will cause certain damage to the quartz stone, which will also cause certain troubles in later cleaning and maintenance. Quartz stone is an artificial stone product. In a certain sense, some household cleaning tools will cause certain damage to this.

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