Quartz Countertops are Synthesized from Several Raw Materials?

Feb. 20, 2020

As a White Quartz Countertops Supplier, share with you.Quartz is a mineral resource with very stable physical and chemical properties. Quartz is an abbreviation for the plates produced by quartz manufacturers at present. Because the main component of the plate is 93% quartz, it is called quartz. stone. The main synthetic raw materials of quartz stone plate are quartz sand, quartz powder, unsaturated polyester resin, glass particles, color paste, curing agent and coupling agent.

First look at the process of the formation of the main raw material quartz: during the invasion and evolution of magma, due to changes in conditions such as temperature and pressure, hydrothermal fluids rich in SiO2 were separated, and bedding and fissures penetrated into the surrounding metamorphic rock series. Or intrusion along the contact fracture zone of the early magmatic rocks, forming vein-like quartzite orebody quartz classification: classified quartz, green quartz, white quartz, and yellow quartz. The requirements of quartz stone plate raw materials for quartz sand and quartz powder are quartz sand: uniform particles, no impurities, foreign matter, no metal iron, no weathered stone. Quartz powder: The fineness requires 325 mesh to 400 mesh and the whiteness requirement is ≥95 ° (adjust with resin and quartz powder to make a paste, white or translucent is required to pass, black and yellow are unqualified).

Calacatta White Quartz Countertops

Calacatta White Quartz Countertops

Look at other auxiliary materials of Beautiful White Quartz Countertops, 1. Resin: Full name: unsaturated polyester resin, polymer solid content ≥65%, resin viscosity 850 ~ 1200Mpa.s (adjust resin viscosity according to temperature), resin heating peak temperature: 160 ℃ ~ 170 ℃, Appearance: Special resin for quartz stone, colorless, no impurities, translucent liquid. 2. Color paste: It is required to use color paste directly, because the toner cannot be completely dispersed, which will cause the color difference of the plate. 3. Curing agent: Medium temperature curing agent: tert-butyl peroxy diethyl hexanoate, room temperature initiator: methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, accelerator: cobalt naphthenate. 4. Coupling agent: silane coupling agent (KH-570). 5, glass particles: transparent glass, no shredded paper, debris and other variegated glass particles are required, mirror glass: no color loss, gray background, white background are acceptable.

Quartz stone plate is a new green building interior decoration stone and a reusable and environmentally friendly material. It should be pointed out that the quality of the quartz stone is directly related to the content of the resin. The higher the quartz content in the quartz stone, the lower the resin content, the better the quality, the closer it is to nature, and the less likely it is to deform. Quartz stone plate has very strict quality requirements for raw materials, so the price of quartz stone is much higher than other stone materials!

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