Quartz brings us a new kind of decorative thinking

Nov. 13, 2019

As innovative thinking continues to penetrate into our brains, not only in public places but even home decoration will appear in various shapes that impact everyone's vision. All this comes from our thinking, and we can do it when we think of it.

At present, the application of stone is becoming more and more widespread in home decoration. In the face of the country's increasingly strict control of natural stone mining and people's misunderstanding of natural stone will cause certain harm to the human body (because of some of the natural stone's radioactivity exceeds the standard) Therefore, natural stone is more used in outdoor decoration. With the advent of artificial stone products, the shortcomings of indoor stone are better compensated, but the low hardness of artificial stone is easy to be scratched. In the search for better alternatives, the appearance of Artificial Quartz Countertop can fully show the beauty of stone decoration, Brings us a new kind of decorative thinking.

Artificial Quartz Countertop

Artificial Quartz Countertop

Quartz stone is made of 90% quartz sand and 7% resin and other binders through artificial die-casting. It belongs to artificial stone and is also called synthetic stone. Because quartz stone plate contains more than 90% of quartz sand, it is called quartz stone by Engineered Quartz Solid Surfaces Factory, which is independent in artificial stone products. Quartz stone plate is colorful, smooth and dense with no holes and fine cracks. Under the condition of high pressure and high vibration, the plate can form a density of 2.6g / cm⊃3; the hardness can reach Mohs hardness level 6 or higher, the water absorption rate is only 0.02% and almost zero. Toxic without radiation and zero formaldehyde.

Because quartz stone has the plasticity and rich color of artificial stone (can be artificially adjusted), and the hardness of natural stone, it has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and impermeability. Therefore, the appearance of quartz stone makes up for the better. The lack of decorative stone in the market. Because the initial price of quartz stone is higher than other stone materials, it has not been fully used in the entire decoration. With the continuous improvement of China's quartz stone production technology and production capacity, the price of quartz stone will become more affordable. With the increasing preference of decorative designers for quartz stone, quartz stone has been widely used in hotels, guesthouses, public places, villa floors, walls, windowsills, countertops, and various shapes.

How to deal with the dark and yellow surface of quartz stone countertops?

A kitchen is a place with serious oil stains. If the kitchen items (such as quartz stone countertops) are not cleaned in time, thick stains will form. Although quartz stone is resistant to dirt, quartz stone will "discolor" after being used for more than one year. In fact, this is because many people's improper cleaning techniques cause the quartz stone table top to become discolored and dirty. So how should quartzite be cleaned?

The surface of the quartz stone has excellent corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis. The water absorption of the quartz stone plate is only 0.02%. The liquid substances used in daily life will not penetrate into it. Just wipe off with a soapy cloth. Our company also has Durable White Quartz Countertops on sale, welcome to consult.