Will Carrara Marble Countertops appear bleeding?

Oct. 24, 2019

Carrara Marble Countertops, as the stone of choice for home decoration, can be described as the perfect combination of natural stone and artificial stone and is a higher breakthrough in decorative stone. Recently, everyone has paid much attention to the problem of bleeding of quartz stone countertops. Whether or not quartz stone will penetrate, many businesses will not explain it. The merchant will tell you that the surface of the quartz stone is smooth without any pores and fine cracks. It belongs to a brand-new artificial stone, which is completely different from the production process of ordinary artificial stone. It adopts a new die-casting process. This is one of the reasons why the Carrara White Quartz Factory separates it from ordinary artificial stones.

Carrara Marble Countertops

Carrara Marble Countertops

Quartz stone adopts new production technology and process. Quartz stone makes the density of the plate reach 2.3-2.6g / cm3 through vacuum, high pressure and high vibration, and the water absorption rate is as low as 0.02%, so it is difficult for the liquid to penetrate the inside of the plate. In addition, the clerk in the cabinet shop will give us an anti-permeation experiment. Many people will think of it using a marker. If it can be wiped off, the plate is impervious. Other stores will even use a transparent container filled with soy sauce. Quartz stone intrudes into it and continues to soak. However, some households will bleed the countertop board after using it for a period of time. What is the reason for this? What's so messy inside?

If your own countertop has serious bleeding, the quartz stone you buy is cheaper and the quality is definitely worse because the plate produced by the domestic brand quartz stone manufacturer is unlikely to have serious bleeding. This is the reason why you are taught to use a marker pen for experiments when you buy. You should use a dry cloth to wipe the board vigorously before doing the experiment. You should understand why you wipe it! However, the penetration of rust water has nothing to do with the quality and density of the plate, because the plate itself is not zero water absorption, and rust water is very corrosive, and it is no exception to quartz stone. Quartz sand itself is a natural mineral It has a certain dilution to iron. Therefore, we should avoid contact with rusty iron during use, and wipe the surface with a dry cloth after use to keep the surface dry.

Curing quartz stone

It is recommended to stay away from non-neutral acid and alkali items, such as dilute hydrochloric acid and tile cleaners; also be careful not to cover the carpet for a long time: cover the carpet on the surface of synthetic stones for a long time without replacement, ventilation, artificial synthetic stones The moisture itself cannot escape from the pores, resulting in high water content in the artificial synthetic stone and causing water sports in the future. It is recommended that if carpeting is necessary, please choose an artificial stone without maintenance. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner or an electrostatic mop for dust removal. A dusting pad should be placed at the door of a public place such as a store; if this is done, the artificial stone will prolong its life in your careful maintenance. Our company also has China Carrara Quartz Surfaces on sale, welcome to consult.