Do you know where and why Quartzite is easy to crack?

Jan. 17, 2020

In the purchase of Quartz Slabs For Kitchen Countertops, many consumers have been blinded by the price of quartz stone. They think that the quality of the quartz stone countertop can be worse. In fact, the truth about high-end and low-end inferior products are much different. When purchasing quartz stone countertops, it is recommended that you still choose high-end, large-scale products produced by Quartz Stone Table Top Suppliers, otherwise the following quality problems are likely to occur:

Quartz Slabs For Kitchen Countertops

Quartz Slabs For Kitchen Countertops

(1). Cracks on the splicing seam of the countertop: when the main installation workers are in the seam, the seam is not aligned, the top of the bell mouth is small and the bottom is large, and the glue is not evenly coated. The more important thing is that the glue is not fixed with F clamp, or Adding solidification or promoting excess in the glue makes the seam more brittle and cracks when it is slightly impacted during use;
(2). Cracks at the corners: the wall is too tight, no shrinkage joints are left, the level between the two cabinets is uneven or not leveled, the front corners are opened at right angles to form internal stress concentrations, and the table is cracked due to external force or temperature changes;
(3). Cracks around the countertop basin: no gap is left between the countertop basin and the basin hole, the basin a hole is not ground smooth, the corners of the basin hole are not rounded or have a zigzag print and the table surface is cracked due to external force or temperature changes;
(4). Cracks around the furnace hole: there is no gap between the gas stove and the furnace hole, the furnace hole is not polished smooth, the corners of the basin hole are not rounded or left with zigzag marks, and the table surface is cracked due to external force or temperature changes;
(5). The basin on the countertop, the front skirt of the stove hole is cracked: the countertop basin cabinet or the stove cabinet is laid flat, and when the countertop basin, the stovetop front skirt is subject to gravity (people stepping on, stepping, etc.), causing the countertop basin, stove, etc. The skirt in front of the hole is cracked;

(6). Cracks in the rear water barrier: the cabinet is not flat or the pad is not flat;

(7). Cracks at the back of the water-resistant edge of the connecting table: the glue is not firmly bonded;
(8). Cracks in the center of the table: high temperature, the impact from external forces, uneven cabinets or pads, internal damage to the board, etc .; therefore, the main cause of cracks in the table is the quality control of the table during processing.
Quartz stone can be reused, because the internal the material of quartz stone is evenly distributed, so it is basically the same whether it is front or back, and granite cannot be reused because it is positive effect is specially made. Once damaged, it can no longer be used. In addition, each quartz stone is die-casted, and the granite is cut after being die-casted as a whole.
Each product has its existing value, and its performance will be different, so you should choose according to your application field and requirements. We have Quartz Countertop Slabs For Sale, welcome to consult.