What is the Repair Method of Quartz Stone Processing Discoloration?

Apr. 02, 2020

Modern high technology and nature are combined to create elegant and noble natural textured quartz stone. Quartz stone is different from common marble and tile products. It uses 90% quartz sand powder as the main aggregate, 7% resin, pigment and other auxiliary materials as the main bonding material. After mixing, it is formed by vacuum pressure vibration. The new type of stone made by the processes of curing, curing and processing is a new type of environmental protection and green building decoration material with no radioactive pollution and reusability. Among the decorative stones in the home, Gold Calacatta Quartz Countertops have been listed as a green environmental protection decorative stone by the country due to its characteristics of wear resistance, scratch resistance, high-temperature resistance, penetration resistance, non-toxicity, no radiation, and zero formaldehyde. Quartz stone has the advantages of natural granite stone, the beauty of marble, and the color of artificial stone. Using organic resin as a binder makes the appearance of quartz stone warm and round, removing the cold and hard feeling of natural stone, and the color is more colorful. The application field is more extensive. Quartz stone uses quartz sand with extremely high hardness as the filler so that the hardness of the plate can reach a  hardness level of 7, which also brings certain difficulties to the later processing.

Carrara White Quartz Countertop

Carrara White Quartz Countertop

At present, the most common application of quartz stone is the countertop. The most headache for everyone should be the use of countertop for about one year. The stitching seam changes color, which directly affects the overall aesthetics of the cabinet. Quartz stone stitching generally uses glue or marble glue dispensed by Artificial Quartz Stone Supplier. The possible cause of discoloration is the deployment of glue or bleeding of stitching seams. How to fix it after discoloration, let's take a look below!

Regardless of the discoloration caused by any reason, first we should open the gap that has been discolored and clean the original glue. The other is to adjust the glue. First, use the same color resin glue of the manufacturer to add quartz powder and stir, and add the curing agent according to the temperature and humidity on the scene (too much curing agent will cause yellowing or glue lines). If the embedded gap is too large, you can take out the pads from the bottom of the board, polish them and insert them into the gap, and then fill the prepared glue. Because the glue will shrink after curing, the glue should be higher than the surface of the board. The last is sanding. After the glue is completely cured, a special polishing machine for natural granite can be used to grind the water mill from 50 to 3000 mesh from coarse to fine, so that the board will be bright and flat as new. Pay attention to the gap protection during use, avoid contact with dark liquids such as soy sauce, vinegar and other materials. Clean them in time after use to increase the frequency of gap waxing.

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